Halloween Hat Costume Ideas 2018

With Halloween around the corner, we thought we would give you a few easy ideas for Halloween costumes which can easily be made with a hat and some face paints.


Loving this idea from PhillipaBeauty.com. She has a full tutorial to show you how to create this look with face paints. Complete the look with a check shirt and a straw hat.

PhillipaBeauty.com Scarecrow Halloween Makeup
PhillipaBeauty.com Scarecrow Halloween Makeup

Check out PhillipaBeauty.com to find out how to achieve these looks.

Team this look up with one of our straw hats. Our affordable favourite is our Pretty Garland Straw Hat below:

Cotswold Country Hats Straw Hats
Cotswold Country Hats Pretty Garland Straw Hat



Or you could go for the Pirate look:

Ladies Pirate Costume from buycostumes.com
Mens Pirate Costume from mrcostumes.com

Team this up with one of our Bicorne Hats:

Bicorne Hat
Bicorne Hat


Crying Clown

Another ace idea found on Pinterest is a crying clown complete with a red top hat

Red Top Hat

You can find our Red Top Hat here

Cotswold Country Hats Red Top Hat
Cotswold Country Hats Red Top Hat


Invisible Man

Check out this cool idea –  The Invisible Man from costumeworks.com

The Invisible Man from CostumeWorks.com
The Invisible Man from CostumeWorks.com

You could team this up with any hat really – a fedora, a bowler, a top hat. Whatever fits in with your idea.

This Trilby Hat would go well:

Camden Trilby Hat
Camden Trilby Hat


Witch Doctor

We also love this traditional Witch Doctor look too from imgarcade.com

Witch Doctor - imgarcade.com
Witch Doctor – imgarcade.com

See more

To find more costume ideas, you can visit our Pinterest Board here where we’ve saved lots more ideas.

You can see our full range of hats here.

Happy Halloween!

Mens Hats for Goodwood Revival 2018

If you’re going to Goodwood Revival and you’re looking for a hat to wear, here’s a brief guide to help you.

The dress code for Goodwood Revival, although not compulsory, is mainly British vintage from the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s so you have plenty of styles to choose from. Our hats embrace all of these eras so whether you are looking for caps, panamas, fedoras or trilbies, we have plenty to choose from. And these popular hats can also be worn on other occasions too. The Goodwood official dress code and FAQs can be found here.

The photo below is taken from last year’s queue for the bar and shows a good range of flat caps and newsboy caps:

Flat Caps and hats at Goodwood Revival
Flat Caps and 8-piece Caps at Goodwood Revival

(Click on the photograph to view our full range of flat caps and newsboy caps)

Newsboy and Flat Caps

Here are some of our favourite caps:

A good choice which has become popular recently (due to the 1930s Peaky Blinders series) is our Peaky Blinders Cap. These were still worn in the 1940s and are still worn today!

Newsboy Cap
Peaky Blinders Newsboy Cap


Another popular version of the newsboy cap is the Chunky Tweed Herringbone Newsboy Cap. This is available in grey or navy:

Chunky Tweed Herringbone Newsboy Cap
Chunky Tweed Herringbone Newsboy Cap


One of our favourite Flat Caps is a beautiful traditional Christys Balmoral Flat Cap which is available in different patterns:

Christys' Balmoral Flat Cap
Christys’ Balmoral Flat Cap


View all of our Flat Caps here like the ones in the photo below. You can narrow down your search by type to show flat caps, 8 piece caps (newsboy/bakerboy), Fisherman Caps and even Chauffeur Caps!


Fedora and Trilby Hats

You will also spot lots of Fedora and Trilby Hats. We love this photo of Sir Stirling Moss wearing a Brown Fedora Hat with a Leather Band Trim.

Sir Stirling Moss with Fedora Hat
Sir Stirling Moss with Fedora Hat

The Fedora Hats we have with leather band trims are Christys Safari Hat and our Haydock Fedora Hat.

Suits with a Fedora Hat is a popular look at Goodwood.

The hat above is similar to our Indiana Jones Style Fedora Hat with a high crown and snap brim.

Indiana Fedora Hat
Indiana Fedora Hat


Our Classic Racing Trilby can be matched with a suit to give a city gent look or a gangster look. The choice is yours!

Classic Racing Trilby Hat

Our Camden Trilby is always popular – especially in Navy

Trilby Hat
Navy Camden Trilby Hat

View our full range of Fedora and Trilby Hats.

Panama Hats

Also popular at Goodwood Revival is the Panama Hat. We have a variety of Panama Hats and Panama Style Hats as well as Straw Hats here.

Here’s a lovely picture of Sir Anthony Hopkins wearing a Panama.

Anthony Hopkins - Panama Hat
Sir Anthony Hopkins – Panama Hat

Christys do a beautiful Traditional Regimental Panama Hat which is handwoven in Equador:

Christys Regimental Panama Hat
Christys Regimental Panama Hat


We also do Panama Style Hat with a black Band made from Japanese Paper Straw if you’re looking for a less expensive version of a Panama Hat:

Mayfair Panama Style Hat
Mayfair Panama Style Hat

View our full range of Panamas, Panama Style and Straw Hats


These are just a few suggestions but you can view all of our hats and caps here

Hope you have lots of fun choosing your outfit and hope you have a great time at Goodwood. Please feel free to get in touch if we can help.

Telephone: 01993 852038       Email: hats@cotswoldcountryhats.com

Hats for Father’s Day – A great Father’s Day gift!

If you’re looking for Father’s Day gifts then why not say ‘Hats off’ to your Dad and show your admiration by giving him the gift of a hat!

Here’s a quick guide to some of our hats which we think your Dad will love!

For the Dad who thinks he’s Indiana Jones, then why not buy him his very own Indiana Jones Style Hat – “Snakes, why did it have to be snakes!”

Or, for the Dad who thinks he’s Frank Sinatra! What about one of our New York Style Trilby Hats – he’ll soon be singing ‘New York, New York’!

Frank Sinatra Hat Trilby
New York Style Trilby Hat
Photo Attribution: By 20th Century Fox (Original text : eBay front back)) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Don’t forget the Dad who likes Leonardo Dicaprio, who is famous for wearing all sorts of different styles of caps.

Leonardo DiCaprio Cap Hat
Flat Cap
Photo attribution: By NASA/Goddard/Rebecca Roth (https://www.flickr.com/photos/gsfc/26105091624/) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Or for the Dad who’s a fan of Peaky Blinders, we have 8-piece Baker Boy Caps

Photo Attribution: BBC/Caryn Mandabach/Robert Viglasky

For the Dad who loves Country & Western, what about one of our Cowboy Hats.

And the great Summer Hat worn by many celebrities including Anthony Hopkins, Sean Connery, Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Humphrey Bogart to name a few as the list goes on. Your Dad can be pretty much whichever celebrity he wants to be with a Panama Hat!

Panama Hat
Panama Hats
Photo attribution: By Elena Torre from Viareggio, Italia (edited by User:Marco Bernardini) (Anthony Hopkins) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons
 And, of course, there are lots more hats to choose from. Visit our selection of hats at www.cotswoldcountryhats.com

What Men’s Top Hat should I wear to Royal Ascot?

What Men's Hat should I wear to Royal Ascot?

If you’re wondering what men’s Top Hat you need to wear to Royal Ascot in 2018, here’s a quick guide to help you.

If you are in the Royal Enclosure, you will need to wear a black or grey Top Hat. Customised hats are not permitted in the Royal Enclosure.

Men’s hats aren’t required in other enclosures but men still often wear them and are often seen wearing Fedoras or Trilby’s as well as Top Hats in other enclosures.

Here’s the Cotswold Country Hats quick guide to our recommended Top hats to wear in ‘the Royal Enclosure’ at Royal Ascot.

The Melusine Fur Felt Top Hat with it’s silky, long haired finish is the hat to be seen in as opposed to a Wool Felt Top Hat. Wool Felt Top hats are also a great quality hat but are not as luxurious and if you’re in the Royal Enclosure, you’ll want luxury!

Our first choice would be Christys’ Fine Fur Felt Polished Taller Top Hat 6¼” at £295.00

Christys taller melusine top hat
Christys’ Fine Fur Polished Taller Top Hat 6¼”

This is our ultimate hat to wear at Royal Ascot. This is the finest Top Hat that we have and the crown measures 6¼” rather than the standard 5¼”. This Top Hat is a fine fur topper – and is highly polished to give the elegant sheen replicating the silk Top Hats that are no longer made. This hat has white satin style lining printed with the Christys’ Coat of Arms logo. The brim is approximately 5cm (2″). With it’s height and fine fur, Christys’ Fine Fur Highly Polished Taller Top Hat really is our finest recommended hat to wear at Royal Ascot.

Our second choice would be the Christys’ Melusine Fine Fur Polished 5¼” Top Hat.at £265.00

Christys Melusine Fur Felt Top Hat
Christys’ Melusine Fur Felt Top Hat 5¼”

This hat is similar to our first choice taller top hat above but has the standard 5¼” crown and has a wool felt band trim instead of the grosgrain ribbon band trim. So if you prefer the standard size top hat as opposed to the taller top hat, then this would be the hat for you.

Our final recommendation would be Christys’ Grey Fur Felt Hat at £175.00

Christys Grey Fur Felt Top Hat
Christys’ Grey Fur Felt Top Hat

This Christys’ Grey Fur Felt Top Hat is another luxurious hat and is ideal for the man who prefers to wear a Grey Top Hat. It’s a standard 5¼” and has a black wool felt band trim. This hat is also luxuriously lined with Christys’ satin style lining printed with their Coat of Arms.

In summary, here’s a quick comparison table to help you choose. Simply click on the links to visit our website for more details about each individual hat:

Details Crown Brim Material Lining Sweatband Price
Christys’ Melusine Fur Felt Taller Top Hat 6¼ “ 2” Highly Polished Melusine Fur Felt White Satin with Christys’ Coat of Arms Leather £295.00
Christys’ Melusine Fur Felt Standard Top Hat 5¼ “ 2” Highly Polished Melusine Fur Felt White Satin with Christys’ Coat of Arms Leather £265.00
Christys’ Grey Fur Felt Standard Top Hat 5¼” 2″ Fine Fur FeltWhite Satin with Christys’ Coat of Arms Leather £175.00


If you’re not in the Royal Enclosure, you might also like to view our Fedora Hats and Trilby hats which are also popular as well as other Top Hats.

You can read the Royal Ascot Style Guide for 2018 here:


To find your hat size, simply place a flexible tape measure around your head where you would like the hat to sit (above your ears and across your forehead). Here’s a Hat Size Chart to help you determine your hat size.

If you would like to view Cotswold Country Hats complete range of Top Hats, you can do so here.


What are the best mens hats to buy as Christmas gifts?

Are you looking to buy a hat for someone as a gift but you’re not sure which hat to buy?

Then. hopefully, this short guide will help point you in the right direction.

Here are some of our best sellers and our favourite mens hats to help you with your choice.

The favourite Trilby Hat at the moment is our Camden Trilby and this seems to be particularly popular in Navy. Many customers have been wearing them to weddings either as a Guest or as the Groom. This has also been popular at Vintage Weddings. So for the classic Frank Sinatra style, this is definitely a great choice and exceptional value for money too.

Trilby Hat
Navy Camden Trilby Hat


For the Outdoor Adventurer, our popular Leather Hat is The Explorer. This is hardwearing and waterproof and has been worn all over the world! This Leather Bush Hat keeps you warm and dry in the winter and keeps you cool and protected from the sun in the summer. Perfect for Explorers and Adventurers on their travels – even if it is only a walk up the road!

Explorer Leather Bush Hat
Explorer Leather Bush Hat


If you’re looking for a lovely Quality Fedora Hat which is fully lined and fabric protected, then our Indiana Jones Style Fedora Hat is a great choice. This fedora has a snap brim to enable the brim to be worn up or down at the front.

Indiana Fedora Hat
Indiana Fedora Hat


For the classic Cowboy look, we have a range of Cowboy Hats here but one of our most popular choices is this Suede Look Cowboy Hat. It’s a stiff build hat and has the classic upturned brim with cattleman crown. This will certainly get them saying “Yee Haw”!!

Black Suede Effect Cowboy Hat
Black Suede Effect Cowboy Hat


For a traditional Pork Pie Hat, this grey pork pie is a popular choice and comes complete with a removable feather. Pork Pie Hats became popular in the USA by Buster Keaton and reached its height of popularity in the 1940’s. However, it’s now worn by hipsters and jazz aficionados around the world. More recently, it came to symbolise Walter Whites’ alter ego ‘Heisenberg’ in the cult TV series Breaking Bad so the Black Pork Pie would be a great choice for Breaking Bad Fans.

Pork Pie Hat
Pork Pie Hat


For Peaky Blinders fans, a Peaky Blinders Cap would go down a treat! We have a selection of 8-piece Baker Boy Caps and a popular choice at the moment is our Gatsby Cap. It’s made from Melton Wool and has a quilted satin lining and is available in Grey, Navy or Black.

Bakerboy Cap
Bakerboy Cap


I hope this has given you a quick guide to thinking about which hat to buy as a gift but to see our full range, of Trilby Hats, Fedora Hats, Cowboy Hats, Leather Hats, Top Hats, Pork Pie Hats, Bestsellers and other hats just click on the pink links and pictures in this article or you can visit our website and click on the categories on the left hand side.

We also offer Free UK Delivery as well as Free UK Returns (which has currently been extended until 15th January 2018 to cover Christmas Returns) so if the gift bearer doesn’t like the hat or they’d like to exchange it for a different size, colour or style, they can do so easily for a full refund or an exchange.

And, if you’re really not sure which hat to buy, you can always buy a Gift Voucher so they can choose themselves.

If you have any questions, please feel free to visit our FAQs or get in touch. We’d be happy to help.

Best Beanie Hats

Keep the heat in by keeping warm and cosy during the cold winter months with a knitted beanie. Whether you are looking to keep the cold off your ears or the rain off your head, here’s a selection of our favourite beanies all of which are supplied by KuSan Accessories – a brand that believes in ‘Trade not Aid’ and work to ethical principles so you can feel warm inside and out. All KuSan hats are handmade in Nepal from New Zealand wool and are fleece lined to keep you extra snug!

Choosing the best beanie to suit you depends on what you are looking for. Whether it’s style, colour, or warmth, choosing the right beanie (or beanies) comes down to personal choice. If you are out in cold weather for a long time, then a thick chunky knit which is insulated would be a good choice. But if you’re out briefly and you are looking for something to match an outfit, then colour and style would be more important. How long do you want your woolly hat to be? Do you want it to cover your ears and neck or do you just need it to cover above your ears? Do you want a bobble hat with a pom pom? Here’s a choice below to give you some idea on what to look for…

Uneven Yarn Bobble Hat

Beanie Hats
Uneven Yarn Beanie Hats by Kusan

The Uneven Yarn Bobble Hat is available in Black or Pink and features a chunky knit top with a thinner knit yarn band at the base. It comes with a matching pom pom and has a fleece lining sweatband. This bobble hat will keep you warm as well as stylish. You can buy the pink one here for just £24.95 or the black one here


Black Slouch Beanie – Snowflake

Snowflake Slouch Beanie
Snowflake Slouch Beanie

If slouch is more your style and you are looking for a longer beanie that falls over the back of your head, style it like Beckham with a slouch beanie. This style features khaki green snowflakes and will match pretty much most outfits. Grab this one quick if it’s your choice as it’s been reduced to £17.95


Hi Rib Beanie

Hi-Rib Beanie
Hi-Rib Beanie

If you’re looking for a shorter style beanie but one that is fully fleece lined, then this dark blue hi-rib beanie is sure to keep you warm and stylish. Hi-Rib Beanie – £20.95


Crochet Flower Beanie

Crochet Flower Brooch Beanies

For a more feminine look, this shorter style beanie with removable crochet flower and lurex metallic silver knit gives a cosy chic look whilst keeping you warm. This is available in blue, pink or grey.


Moss Yarn Thick Chunky Knit Bobble Hat


Moss Yarn Beanie
Moss Yarn Beanie

For a thick chunky knit beanie with contrasting turn up and bobble, the Moss Yarn Ribbed Bobble Hat is a good choice at £24.95. Available in Green/Charcoal or Blue/Grey.


Winter Beanie

Winter beanies
Winter beanies

For the true winter or Christmas theme hat, then our winter beanie with pom pom comes fully fleece lined to keep you warm over the Christmas season. This style is available in Black, Grey or Navy. Just click on the previous colours for more info on each one. These come fully fleece lined and are £22.95


Long Earneck Beanie

Earneck Beanies
Earneck Beanies

If you’re looking for a long beanie to cover your neck and ears, then our Earneck Woolly hat from KuSan comes fully lined too and comes in at just £21.95. Available in Charcoal, Brown or Khaki Green


Reverse Yarn Thick Knit Bobble Hat Beanie

Reverse Knit Beanie
Reverse Knit Beanie

For style and warmth, this reverse knit with pom pom bobble hat comes in at £23.95. Available in Navy & Yellow or Charcoal & Brown


I hope this helps you with choosing the right beanie or bobble hat for you. If you have any further questions, please feel free to get in touch.  Click here to visit our full beanie and bobble hat range.

Stay warm and keep smiling!

Quick visual glance to different types of hats and caps

Here’s a quick visual glance showing different common types of hats and caps…

Quick visual glance of different types of hats and caps


If you’d like view our range of these hats above, please click on the links below:

Top Hats, Stovepipes, Bowler Hats, Homburg Hats, Fedora Hats, Panama Hats, Trilby Hats, Cowboy Hats, Bush Hats, Pork Pie Hats, Bucket Hats, Straw Boater Hats, Flat Caps, 8-piece caps, 5 panel caps, Baseball Caps, Fisherman Caps

New blog to following detailing more information about these types of hats – watch this space!

What hat style suits my face shape?

Do you ever wonder what hat style would suit your face shape best?

Well, here’s a guide to help you.

The most important thing to remember is what hat do you feel good in!

So please bear in mind that the guide below is simply just a guide and it may be full of tips to show you how to make a longer face look shorter or how to make a round face look less round but if you feel that you want to highlight your roundness or length then do the opposite of the guide below!! Bring out your unique individual style and personality with the hat that feels right for you – the only real way to tell is to try lots on!! And also, remember embrace the beauty of the shape of your face – all shapes are beautiful!

For information on face shapes, visit: https://www.quora.com/What-is-your-face-shape
For information on face shapes, visit: https://www.quora.com/What-is-your-face-shape

Round Face

If you have a lovely round face with a wide forehead and full cheeks with a rounded chin, then you would ideally need to look for a more angular style hat to balance your roundness. You are lucky that you are able to wear asymmetrical shapes with a high crown and peaked or slanted brim. You can accentuate by slanting your hat forward to create attractive angles. Create length to your face by wearing high crowns which will not only give height but will also slim the face. Straight brims add asymmetry. Choose hats with crowns that are at least as wide as your face. The best hats would be: Pinched Crown Fedoras, Newsboy Caps, Baseball Caps, Medium-Long Brim Fedoras, Trilby Hats. Hats to avoid would be: Rounded crowns, wide crowns or brims (as they accentuate the roundness). Instead go for height with a pinched crown and avoid low or flat hats



Oval Face

If you have an oval (egg shaped) face you are lucky that you have a versatile choice of hats. Your forehead is slightly larger than your jawline. Your face is longer than it is wide and you have a straight line from your slightly wider temple to your narrower jaw with an angled round chin. Ideally, you would want a hat that sits low on your forehead with a wide or flared brim. Hat styles that suit you best are Fedora Hats, Cowboy HatsCloches that sit low on the forehead, Newsboy Caps, Fishermen Caps, Boater style with rounded brims.  It’s best to avoid narrow or flat brims and go for low crowns and wide flared brims.

Cowboy Hat
Cowboy Hat


Oblong Face

Similar to the oval face, again this is a very versatile shape for hats. You have a high forehead and a round chin. Your face has more length than width. The sides of your face go straight down so looking for round shaped hats to counterbalance these straight lines would usually be recommended. Even out the length of your face with low short crowns and flared brims for width and roundness. Sun Hats with low crowns and wide brims are the perfect style as they reduce the length and the roundness of a wide brim, especially if it’s a floppy brim. Cloche Hats worn low to the eyebrows helps conceal high foreheads and can create the illusion of a shortened face. Newsboy Caps and Bucket Hats also suit oblong faces with a low crown and wider rounded brim. Ideally, avoid tall crowns which can over-emphasise the length of your face.

Bucket Hat
Bucket Hat


Square Face

If you have a square face, you have a lovely angular shape and a strong jawline. You will have a wide forehead and wide cheekbones. The length of your face will be almost equal to the width. As you have an angular face, go for the opposite to soften the angles by going for curves and round hats to provide contrast to your angular jawline. Floppy hats are a good choice as they have a curvy wide brim to counterbalance the angular features. Curvy lines like bowler hats also suit square faces. Round crowns and brims can smooth the angles of a square face by giving height and roundness. Tilting the hat to the side can help break the symmetry and add roundness to your features. Hats to go for would be: Bowler Hats, Pork Pie Hats, Sun Hats, Floppy Hats, Cowboy Hats, Homburg Hats, Cloche Hats, Look for hats which elongate and cushion your facial contours. Hats to avoid would be short brim or no brimmed hats and square hats – go for rounder hats!

Pork Pie Hat
Pork Pie Hat


Diamond Face

Like a gorgeous diamond, the forehead and chin are narrower and the cheekbones wider. Again, this face shape has angular contours with a tapered chin. Features to go for would be moderate to wide brims and pinched crowns. Again round style hats can counterbalance the angular contours. Round Bowler Hats can give the illusion of a rounder forehead and trilby hats have shorter brims with pinched crowns. Moderate brims help reduce the width of the cheekbones whereas wider brims would emphasise the cheekbones more.

Bowler Hat
Bowler Hat


Heart Shaped Face

The lovely heart shape face features a broad forehead and wide cheekbones with a pointed chin – the chin being the narrowest part. Choose styles which slim the forehead to make it appear narrower. Balance out the width of your forehead with a medium brim. By slanting the hat to one side, you can slim your face and draw attention to your eyes. Best hats to go for would be medium brim Fedoras, Boaters, Cloche Hats, Homburgs, Beanies and Berets (as they balance out the width of your forehead). Avoid large brims that accentuate your wide forehead.



Triangular/Pear Shaped Face

The versatile triangular shaped face is like the shape of a pear with it’s larger jawline and small forehead and small cheekbones. So just like the oval face, there are endless options with this lucky face shape – you can get away with wearing lots of different shapes and styles! Really all you need to do is avoid crowns that are narrower than your cheekbones – which is actually the case with all face shapes. You can bring balance to your shoulder line and have a taller crown to counterbalance your smaller forehead.

Panama Hat
Panama Hat


If your face shape is a mixture of the above types, then mix the suggestions to find the best hat for you.

So in a nutshell, shorter length faces need crown height to lengthen the face whereas longer length faces need low crowns to shorten the face. Angular faces need rounder style hats to soften the angles whereas rounder faces need straight brims and lines.

We could also talk about colours but will save that for another post! If you’ve ever had your colours done then go with those colours. But in a nutshell, go for similar colours that you normally like to wear to suit you – which can often be browns for brown eyes, blues for blue eyes etc. If you have darker skin tone, you can go for warmer toned hats. If you have autumnal colouring ie red hair, green eyes then often autumnal colours would suit you.

I hope this guide has given you a bit of an idea on what style of hat to go for but the only real way to tell is to try some on! And don’t forget to embrace the shape of your face!

To view our hats, visit us at cotswoldcountryhats.com

How to place an order on the website

Here’s a step by step guide with screenshots to show you how to place an order on our website:

1. Select your colour & size, then click add to cart:



2. Either go to step 3 or continue shopping and then when you are ready to checkout, click on Cart in the top right hand corner:


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9. Enter your payment details and click the yellow Pay Now button to complete your order. Alternatively, if you have a PayPal account, you can click on the Yellow Pay with PayPal Button:

Ways to pay

Your order is then complete. You will see a page confirming this and you will then receive email confirmation. When your order is dispatched, you will receive another email notification.

If you’d rather telephone us to place your order, please telephone us on Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm (expect Bank Holidays).

Hope this helps and answers any questions. If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us at:


Telephone: UK 01993 852038

Trilby and Fedora Hats

Trilby and Fedora Hats have quite a tall crown and wide brim and are often distinguished by their ‘pinch’ on the front of the crown. The pinch is where you would pick up your hat using your thumb and finger so has an indent to allow for this.


Parts of a Hat

Fedora hats (example above) have a wide brim whereas Trilby hats have a small brim (example below).

Ladies Straw Trilby Hat
Ladies Straw Trilby hat with Rose Garland

Cowboy Hats or Indiana Jones Style hats are popular Fedora Hats and have often been seen worn by Johnny Depp and Michael Jackson amongst other celebrities.

johnny depp fedora

They are traditionally made from Wool Felt but can also be made from straw (often Panamas) aswell as cotton. For example, the panama below and the Waxed Cotton Drifter Fedora which repels water.

Panama Hat
Panama Hat
Waxed Cotton Hat
Waxed Cotton Drifter

They can be finished with a ribbon bow, leather band, string or other type of garland at the bottom of the crown.

The inside is often unlined and some have a sweatband. Ventilation holes can help make hats more comfortable on summer days to allow air to circulate.

The top of the crown has various finishes and can range from a diamond shape to a teardrop shape and often have a creased indent.

The Homburg is another popular fedora hat and was famously worn by Sir Winston Churchill.

Homburg Hat
The Homburg Hat famously worn by Sir Winston Churchill

The Australian Style Leather Bush Hat is another good example of a fedora as shown below:

Australian Hat
Explorer Leather Bush Hat – Australian Style

As you can see, there aren’t really any typical Fedoras or Trilbys. There are many variations dependent on individual taste and style as well as practicality. The creased indents vary, the pinches vary, the material varies, the band varies, the brim varies etc. What’s your personal preference? What do you look for?

To view our range of trilbys and fedoras, visit us at www.cotswoldcountryhats.com