We all know how important it is to get vitamin D by getting outside and we want to enjoy the sun safely without getting excessive sun or sunburn.

Hats are a great way to help give you extra protection from the sun and they can help protect your head, face, ears and neck. Here are some tips below to help you choose suitable hats to wear. Please note you should still wear sun cream and rays can still bounce off surfaces too.

UV Tested Hats

Some hats have been UV tested and have a UV rating. Some of our Barmah and Jacaru Hats have UV50+ ratings. View our range of Barmah Hats here and our Jacaru Hats here.

The Thickness of the Material:

The thicker the hat, the better (ie leather hats) as it’s more difficult for the sun to penetrate through the hat.

Our Adventurer Leather Bush Hat is made from thick leather and has a wide brim. Wider brims give you better shade too.

Adventurer Leather Bush Hat
Adventurer Leather Bush Hat
Adventurer Leather Bush Hat
Adventurer Leather Bush Hat

Hats made from less dense material still provide some protection and can also help with shade. The tighter the fabric is woven, the better. You can also add a lining inside a hat to give better protection too.

Our Rambler Cotton Summer Sun Hat is lined and has a wide brim:

Cotton Summer Sun Hat - Rambler
Unisex Cotton Summer Sun Hat – Rambler

Straw and Summer Hats are great for air circulation but be mindful of the size of the holes in them as some summer hats have wide holes.

Dovecote Straw Summer Sun Hat
Dovecote Straw Summer Sun Hat
Panama Style Summer Straw Fedora
Panama Style Summer Straw Fedora

Don’t forget to look out for stretch and frays as hats get older too.

Wide Brims

Wide brims can help give you extra shade. The bigger the brim, the better for shade.

Baseball caps can help protect the top of your head but they don’t have a brim. Be mindful of the tops of your ears with baseball caps. The peak on baseball caps also helps with the glare in your eyes and can shade your forehead area. You can purchase some baseball caps with a drape to help protect the back of the neck.

Remember, as well as wearing suncream, minimise your exposure to the sun in peak hours and spend time in the shade.

You can view our full range of  Summer Hats here.

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