Best Mens Hats for the Races

Best Mens Hats for the Races


If you’re wondering what men’s hat to wear to The Races, here are some of our recommendations to help you:







Trilby Hats: 

Our Classic Races Trilby Hat is a popular men’s horse racing hat and has a snap brim so you can wear the brim down at the front. It’s fully lined and adds a touch of class to any outfit. Can be worn formally or informally.


Our more traditional Camden Trilby Hat is also a popular choice and can be found here. Available in Navy, Black, Brown, Camel or Grey.


Our Frank Sinatra Style Trilby is our Pennsylvania Trilby which can be found here. It has a snap brim and it's available in Black, Brown Navy and Grey.

Our full range of Trilby Hats can be found here


Gatsby Caps and Flat Caps:

Our Peaky Blinders 8 piece Gatsby Cap is a popular choice for the races. This style is made from Melton Wool and is available in Grey, Navy, Black, Fawn or Brown. It has a soft quilted inner lining for comfort.


If you are looking for tweed caps, we have a range of bakerboy caps, newsboy caps and flat caps too:

Our full range of Gatsby Caps and Flat Caps can be found here.


Fedora Hats:

Fedoras are generally bigger than Trilby hats. Our Haydock Fedora Hat is a great choice for The Races. It’s made of wool and has a leather band trim. It naturally folds down at the front and back which gives it a great style. The Haydock is available in Black, Grey, Charcoal, Navy, Green, Brown and Wine.


If you’re looking for a Snap Brim Fedora Hat, then we would recommend our Mayfair Fedora. The brim snaps down at the front and snaps up at the back.

Our full range of Fedora Hats can be found here.


Bowler Hats:

For something different, a Bowler Hat or a Homburg Hat adds a formal look even to casual attire.

Our full range of Bowler Hats and Homburg Hats can be found here.


Pork Pie Hats:

Popularised in the USA by Buster Keaton, the Pork Pie Hat reached it’s height of popularity in the 1940’s. However, it’s now worn by hipsters and jazz aficionados around the world. More recently, it came to symbolise Walter Whites’ alter ego ‘Heisenberg’ in the cult TV series Breaking Bad.

Our full range of Pork Pie Hats can be found here.

We also have a lovely Diamond Crown Pork Pie/Trilby Hat which is an in-betweener if you’re not sure whether to go for a Trilby or a Pork Pie.


Panama Style Hats:

For a summery look or a Sean Connery look, our Mayfair Panama Style Hat is a great choice. This style is made from Toyo Straw making it light and durable.

Our full range of Panama Style and Straw Hats can be found here.

For more choice, view our full range of mens hats here