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Mens Brown Snap Brim Fedora Hat - Indiana Jones Style

  • Mens Superb Quality Lined Fedora Hat - Indiana Jones Style - Brown - Wool Felt
  • Mens Superb Quality Lined Fedora Hat - Indiana Jones Style - Brown - Wool Felt
  • Mens Superb Quality Lined Fedora Hat - Indiana Jones Style - Brown - Wool Felt
  • Mens Superb Quality Lined Fedora Hat - Indiana Jones Style - Brown - Wool Felt
  • Mens Superb Quality Lined Fedora Hat - Indiana Jones Style - Brown - Wool Felt

Mens Brown Snap Brim Fedora Hat - Indiana Jones Style

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Superb Quality Brown Fedora Hat

Handmade Wool Felt Indiana Style

Made from 100% Wool Felt

Snap Brim - so brim can be adjusted at front or back to be worn up or down

Pinched Crown at front sides

Centre Dent Crown

Brim Width is approximately 7cm at the front and 6cm at the side

Crown Height is approximately 14cm

Matching Grosgrain Ribbon Band and Bow approximately 4cm

Fully Lined with Black Satin Lining

Treated with Fabric Protection to keep your hat in great condition - water rolls off, soils & stains just wipe away

Choice of Five Sizes from Stock - 55cm Small, 57cm Medium, 59cm Large, 61cm XL, 63cm XXL

Please note this is a snap brim, so you need to snap the brim down at the front yourself. Please also note that this style is shaped as per the photos above and not as per Indiana Jones. If you wish to reshape the hat yourself, you can do so but please note that returns are no longer accepted if you have changed the crown shape. Thank you.
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    Dentons Indiana 61cm
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    Cotswold Country Hats
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  • How to measure your hat size

    Please note this is a general guide as different head shapes may also affect your hat size and it can also depend on where the hat sits on your head and the style of the hat too. 

    If a hat is too small, it will sit too high up on your head so if you are in-between sizes, it's generally best to go up a size and add some hat padding. Some hats have a sweatband that you can place padding under to help it fit a bit tighter.

    We sell hat adjuster pads which can be found here if your hat is a little loose and has a sweatband.

    International Hat Size Conversion Chart:

    International Hat Size Chart

    Here's a quick video to show you how to measure to find out your hat size:

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It fits!

Hats simply do not fit me as I have a large head. This one does and feels great. If you have any more size 62.5cm/ 63cm please let me know. Thank you!

Ian Hollywood | | August 2022

Great looking and great fitting hat!

The fit is perfect, I was most worried abut that because my head size always seems to fall right in the middle between medium and large which has caused me disappointment over the years with mail order headwear. But after reading some other reviews I learned that I should opt for the smaller size. I have an old 4 xxxx beaver Resistol 7 1/8" that fits a little snug but actually just fine for an evening out. And by the way, the wool felt on this fedora is extremely close in look and feel to the 4xxxx beaver just not as stiff! So after googling inches vs centimeters I decided I'm roughly 57 cm. Bingo! Very happy with this purchase, beautiful hat.

The only negative I can think of is the color of the ribbon. Although it is very nice, it's not exactly color correct per the Indiana Jones style. It appears to be black indoors [which it ought to be] but outdoors in the sunlight shows it to definitely be a very dark brown - darker tan the hat. Not a deal breaker at all though.

Thank you Cotswol Country for your service and an excellent product! Already thinking of another selection!

Thomas Lohmar | Texas | November 2022

Work with it, it'll work with you

Wearing it almost daily for at least a month, very durable. Sun, wind, rain - it can take it! Also responds extremely well to reshaping with steam and steam iron. After watching some videos on reshaping I've got that 'Raiders' pinch & turn thing going on very near to screen correct! Paitence and persistence is the key - and don't be afraid to hurt it, you won,t! Just be sure to cover the brim with a pillow case or other cloth to protect against the heat of the iron. I completely flattened the brim and opened the crown. Then placed it on my head straight & true. Then turned it to the right until the center of the bow was over my left temple. this almost magically gave the brim a very nice 'Raiders' twist or warping. Then gave the crown a very tight pinch centered, in line with my nose, re-established the bashes and let dry.

I really liked this hat a lot when it arrived, I absolutely love it now! For the price you can't go wrong!

Tom | Texas | December 2022

Quality hat

A good quality product from a company with good communication skills and fast delivery

Paul Aldridge | Sussex | July 2023

Drop dead impressed.

We bought the Cotswold 'Indy' Fedora after seeing some of the high-end brands selling VERY similar Fedoras for £300-£500 !!

The quality, the colour, the fit are superb, we gave it a bit of distressing for what we need it for and frankly it could not have worked out better. Now it could easily have been one of Dr Jone's own hats. Don't hesitate, buy.

Ian | Esher | August 2023

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