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Black Traditional Top Hat - Wool Felt
£30.79 ex. VAT
Brown Wool Felt Top Hat
£30.79 ex. VAT
Grey Wool Felt Top Hat
£30.79 ex. VAT
Navy Traditional Top Hat 5¼" Wool Felt
£30.79 ex. VAT
Steampunk Black Top Hat and Goggles
£34.13 ex. VAT
Black Stovepipe Wool Felt Top Hat 8" Tall
£35.79 ex. VAT
Dentons Fine Fur Felt Dressage Top Hat
£66.66 ex. VAT
Whether you are looking for a Top Hat for a wedding, theatre or the races - Ascot, Epsom Derby, Goodwood, Royal Enclosure, Cotswold Country Top Hats offer outstanding quality. Whether you are looking for Wool Felt Top Hats or Fur Felt Top Hats, Tall Top Hats, Stovepipes, Fashion Top Hats or Steampunk Top Hats, we've got you covered with our range of Top Hats.

Top Hats are sometimes referred to as a topper, beaver hat, high hat, silk hat, cylinder hat, chimney pot hat and stovepipe. They have a tall flat crown with a broad upturned brim. Traditionally they were worn in the 18th to mid 20th Century by gentlemen in authoritative positions and were even worn by Policemen and Postmen to give the appearance of authority. They were associated with the upper classes and were worn by City Stock Exchange Officials and Bank of England prominent position holders. They are now more popular for formal or special occasions such as weddings, funerals, races etc. Top Hats have been associated with magicians and were often used in magic tricks. Top Hats were famously worn by the Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland, Willy Wonka in Charlie & The Chocolate Factory and the Artful Dodger in Oliver Twist.